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Damodoes is the brain child of Anand. It is rather the product of the left side of his brain (the creative side) A team of gifted and ingenious people, spearheaded by him, delivers exactly what you have in mind. Fate was what led Anand to, what now is the passion of his life - creating brand identities. Team Damodoes are maestros of design- Logos, Pamphlets, Brochures, Office stationery, Cake boxes, Sweet Boxes and Websites.

Damodoes specialized in Logo Designer for packaging like Sweet Box

With a vision like theirs, whenever they listen to their patron talking about their needs, they can literally see the products themselves listing out their needs. With an experience of about two decades in this field, Anand has amassed immense knowledge and understanding of this sector and is always more than eager to share the “gyan” with his clients. The team brain storms together to give your company an identity that will stand out for sure. Like they say “think outside the box”, Damodoes does that for you.

Damodoes is based out of Bangalore, but obviously that does not matter these days with the technology floating around. We will serve you in any corner of the earth, provided you are armed with a working internet connection. 

He is the co-founder of, supplier of traditional Tamil sweets across India (already the mind is wandering towards food:-p) With Anand’s avid interest in painting as well, you be rest assured that all your branding needs will be taken care of under one roof. 


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